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Contactless Curbside Pickup & Walk-in Retail Available
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The Iron Rock Brewing Co Story

Welcome to the Big Land, a place where the people are just as natural and authentic as the landscape that surrounds them.

In this harsh, beautiful place, nothing comes easy. You have to dig deep into the earth – and into yourself – to survive. That’s what the people here have always done.

And like the people of Labrador, Iron Rock is formed by its environment. Made with foraged ingredients, and in collaboration with local experts, Iron Rock isn’t
just made in Labrador – it’s made from the best of it.

Iron Rock is made by locals for locals. It’s handcrafted by two brothers with mining roots for hardworking people who’ve carved a way of life from the industry.

Mining is in our blood. And everything that’s happened since the day our great-grandfather first descended into the Bell Island mine has led us to back to where it all began.

Iron Rock is a celebration of a people whose roots go deep – miles deep into the heart of this land. It’s a tribute to the iron will that could only be forged by generations of hard-working people. It’s a raised glass to their perseverance and character, and everything they’ve built here.

The people of Labrador are the Iron Rock. This brewery is our salute to them.